Betting on an upcoming tennis game

Certain sports today have become not only popular as spectator sports but they also are the focus of numerous sports bets. One sport that has become more popular on which to place sports bets is tennis. Throughout the year, many different high profile tennis events occur that are appealing for bettors. This would include events such as Wimbledon, the French Open and the Davis Cup. While bettors don’t have to be tennis fans, it does help to have some knowledge of tennis when betting your money.

The most obvious kind of bet to place on these tennis events would be which player will win a specific match as well as the overall tournament. Many bettors make the mistake when making this wager of reading the odds incorrectly. Prior to a match, the bookmaker will post the odds of each player to win. For example, a match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic may have odds posted with Nadal’s listed as 5/7 and Djokovic’s shown as 6/4. When betting on Nadal, every £7 bet would result in a profit of £5. Whereas a wager on Djokovic would mean a £4 bet would yield a profit of £6. In this scenario, Nadal is the favourite to win.

tennis game

Most people place their sports bets prior to the actual tennis match occurring which leaves them some time to experience other tennis related excitement at Lucky Nugget online slots. Here tennis fans can find slot machine games that have incorporated their favourite game into them. For example, one possible choice would be the Tennis Stars Slot Machine. The game has a total of 40 paylines on which players may place their wager. Another aspect of this game which appeals to the player is the broad range of wager denominations available, which go from .01 to 2000. The largest payout with this game is a lofty 500,000.