Good Form In Tennis

Good form in tennis, as in swimming, golf, or other sports activities, is a variable quality which defies definition. It appears in various shapes according to the personality and physique of the individual player. The terms that apply to good form tennis stroke production are ease, rhythm, balance, efficiency, power. ACCURACY and SPEED are essential […]

Ball Spin

Good form in placing spin on the ball means utilizing the spin which is best for obtaining the desired results. The chop stroke, which is characterized by back spin, is not efficient as a foundation stroke. Often the player who continually uses a chop is said to have “poor form.” Yet the chop and slice […]

Thoughts switch to Australian Open

As the tennis season winds down, thoughts are already switching to January’s Australian Open in Melbourne – with the world’s best players all looking to get themselves in the best possible shape ahead of the season’s opening Grand Slam. 2014 has been a fascinating season in the Men’s game, as two of four tournaments were […]