How tennis has become so popular

Many sports come and go but over the last few years tennis has become very popular with it now being one of the most watched sporting events around. When the pandemic started all sporting events were called off due to covid regulations, this caused a lot of sports to be put on hold for a while including tennis.

Since lockdowns have now eased off sporting events are back up and running once again, tennis tournaments are now back on, and fans are allowed back to watch the live games. Over the past year tennis has become increasingly popular with there now being record numbers of people taking up the sport as a hobby or entering competitions. With tennis now being more popular a lot of other industries are jumping on board with trying to work alongside the players by sponsoring them or their team.

This has been great for the gambling industry with them now offering markets on tennis which some companies had not previously done just like these ones that are some of the more visited platforms. Tennis is now one of the most talked about sports and you can see why when recent games have been so thrilling to watch, there are now more tennis fans than ever before. The media has played a big part in helping tennis get more noticed with making sure to air the tournaments which feature the best tennis players in the world.

With there now being a lot of big industries that are helping to boost tennis it looks set to become more popular than ever before with there now being more local tennis clubs available to get new people playing the sport. Lockdown helped to boost tennis as well with the tournaments and matches being aired on tv for millions to watch at home, this has driven a lot of people to become fans of tennis and take it up themselves during their spare time. When Wimbledon is next on it is expected to be the biggest and best one yet with there now being more new players entering tournaments than ever before. Tennis looks set to keep on growing over the next few years with school now adding in tennis to pe lessons to get younger children to take up the sport, this is great for the tennis industry and the future looks set to be a good one for everyone involved in the sport.