Quick Tips to Wring Some Extra Cash Out of Those Tennis Bets

Tennis betting is a completely different animal from other types of sports bets. You need to be aware of that before you place your bets. Looking at different markets as far as outcomes is a good thing. Do you want to get out of just betting on favorites? Then this guide is for you.

Smart bankroll management is a good thing. Try to avoid getting sucked into what the television commentators have to say about anything. Even popular sports sites like ESPN often get it wrong a swell. If you’re going to get deep into betting on sports you need to make sure that you’re looking at independent data, not just the sentiments of the crowd. That’s steered plenty of people off the cliff over the years.

Tennis takes into account a lot more than just the players. It’s an outdoor sport, so you’re still at the mercy of weather. Field conditions will also play a role, as few players are at their best on every single type of court. You should look at the surface of the court. Some players really excel on hard court, while others falter big time. Other players are big on grass, but weak on clay courts.

Tennis Bets

Looking at the situation makes a difference as well. You can’t just assume the favorite to win it will be at their best on a non-major event. Injuries play into the situation as well. We can’t bet the farm on someone that’s recovering from an awful elbow injury, or a knee that just keeps giving them problems. The only exception to this is if you have tracked a player’s movements while they’ve been recovering from an injury. If they seem to keep giving you great performance in spite of the injury, then chances are good that they are a safe bet.

Players coming in and out of retirement or short hiatuses are quite common in the tennis world. Tennis is a sport that takes a lot out of you, so it’s obvious that some people want to step back for a while. Look at players that have been training hard before a big match. That will tell you if they are truly committed to playing, or if they’re just trying to satisfy an endorsement contract that says they still have to play some games.

The more data that you have to sift through, the better decisions that you’ll make. Don’t look at just the big names of tennis. Take time to sift through a database of newer players. They’re younger, hungrier, and ready to take it all. Betting on them may reveal pockets of money that you didn’t expect. Check it out for yourself!