Serena’s Calendar Slam Chase Is Tennis Gold

Say what you will about tennis — aside from thrown rackets, fights with refs and other drama-licious meltdowns, there’s plenty of athleticism to be had. Between Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams both tearing up the court at Wimbledon to the continued speculation about the all-encompassing “calendar slam”, the heat in tennis has definitely been turned up a few notches.

If you’re looking at what to watch right now, it would definitely have to be tennis. There’s no reason to skip over tennis or treat it like the redheaded stepchild in the room. Just watching a few clips of Djokovic prowl the court like a lion proved that correct.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Watching Serena makes us realize how far tennis has come. Serena is considered an older player, but one that is still on top of her game — with the shiny new Wimbledon trophy as proof, though certainly far from her first win.

The chase for the calendar slam brings up other conversations: of athleticism, of endurance, and longevity. Tennis is a difficult sport to stay on top of even in the best circumstances. There are plenty of twists and turns, and you’re playing in often super humid and warm conditions. It can be tiring to run around the court constantly being on edge for the next serve.

And yet, the stars of tennis do exactly that for our amusement, and their love of the game. The prize money never hurts anything either.

Many are asking whether or not Serena has what it takes to go into the US Open and take the top spot. The field is filled with players that are not only hungry to win, but partially hungry to also take away the win from Serena. Itís a competition, after all, and Williams isn’t entitled to win simply because of who she is. If she wants to win the US Open, she’s going to have to play as hard as she can. This is a fact that Williams knows going in. When you’re on top, it goes without saying that there’s a target on your back.

This type of highs and lows is exactly why we watch tennis, and we hope that you’ll follow our commentary as the US Open unfolds.