The Evolution of Tennis

Tennis is fairly unique among modern sports: the ball is bright and colourful, the scoring is a little arcane and it’s been responsible for the death of several European Monarchs which, let’s be honest, is not something Football can ever be accused of.

Over the years, the game has stayed largely unchanged but the evolution has been a gradual process of improvements, enhancement and general upgrades until the game now exists in its current form. One of the features that has evolved the most over time is the racket, evolving from a simple laminated wood construction until, in the 1960’s, Jimmy Connors first tested out the Wilson T2000 steel racket! Which was exactly as awesome as it sounded! Which lasted until 1983 where he swapped to a graphite racket which is still the standard to this day. To be fair, with the steel one Connors was a beast and if you’d been looking to place a bet, the wimbledon odds would have been in your favour.

For more intriguing facts about the history of Tennis, just read on!