Three Tips To Nail A Fast Serve

#1. Relax. Go to your happy place, think about being on the beach with a cocktail! In fact do whatever except “Trying to hit the fastest tennis serve.” It will tense too many muscles which impedes the swing speed. Don’t believe me?

Try snapping your wrist as hard as you can, tense your muscles and give it your all. How fast was it? Now, try relaxing your wrist… and snap it again. Hopefully, the latter is much quicker!

To improve tennis serve? It is not only the wrist, but the muscles ALL the way down your arm that can impede you swing speed! Learning to relax into your serve is VITAL for speed. Check out the learning to play tennis article for this approach to learning to play tennis.

#2. Rhythm. The best servers have rhythm. Rhythm is essential for consistency and improvement of your tennis serves. After all, if you are hitting serves with different rhythms, you are hitting different serves. Its like trying to improve several serves instead of just one. On top of this, a good rhythm can be used to your advantage in gaining YOUR fastest tennis serve!

If we watch a Andy Roddick serve. We will see that there rhythm transfers their weight from their front foot onto the back foot. Once all this weight that is loaded onto the back foot… It is exploded back forwards and into the serve at the striking point!

That is where the power comes from! BAM, a server that has learnt to do this, has just gained a couple hundred pounds of moving weight behind his serve and is gaining his fastest tennis serve. You can feel the ball knock you back a bit kind of like a tennis overhead … if you return it!

Practice using your weight effectively by rocking your weight back onto your back foot, and transferring it forwards and through into the court when you hit! The details are your personal serving style, everyone has different preferences.

#3. Technique. They have good technique. While this statement may not win any noble prizes for originality. The cold truth is that if there is some funky technique in your tennis serves, you are probably not letting yourself hit the ball to your full potential. As this is a very personal area, I suggest you get your tennis serves checked out by your local coach. However, here are the three most common technical errors. That through coaching and playing, I have seen many times. That once adjusted can allow you to improve tennis serve power and technique.

1) Lack of bending of the legs. Your upper body must be loose when serving. So where does the raw power come from?

The legs. You have to get low with your legs and explode, catapult, or push off upwards. Look at all the photos of the famous tennis players pros serving. They all bend their legs to a great extent.

2) Shoulder and arms not in line. By this I mean… When you toss your ball up and are waiting to hit it. Your left hand in the sky should run straight all the way down to where your right elbow bends.

3) Stance too open. Many people do not realize how closed the Pros really are… This creates power through rotation into the ball. Pete Sampras arguable one of the best servers ever lived, is a classic example of this. Andy Roddick Serve is another great example, but we have all ready mentioned that a little 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed the tennis how to serve fast page, feel free to look around other tennis strokes , tennis drills or any other pages on the site… you get the idea 🙂