Will One of the Top Four Men win at Wimbledon This Year?

At this point at Wimbledon it seems pretty easy to think about who might win in the men’s game. It usually comes down to the main four, Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. If you were thinking of having a bet on Wimbledon matches then you might choose some of the matches in this early week with these guys playing as you would be sure that they would be able to win.


However, nothing is cut and dried in Wimbledon. There are years when a surprise winner comes through as well as those when the expected four men get through to the semi-finals. This can depend on the draw that they get as well as how well they are doing leading up to the competition as well as on the day that they play.


Roger Federer has been written off a number of times, but he is still doing well, in the top five players and winning matches as well as beating the other top men. Despite having twins, and being the oldest of the four men mentioned, he is still a serious contender. With his new coach Stefan Edberg, who will certainly have a lot to add, having won Wimbledon twice himself, he could be an even more difficult player to beat this year.

Andy Murray has all of the expectation on him, having won the competition last year. However, he no longer has the pressure of beating UK records as the country are no longer desperate to have a British winner. However, his new coach in Amelie Meresmo could help him to win again, but as their relationship is so new, then they will not have had much time to get to know each other. The things he learnt from his last coach Ivan Lendl, last year will still be there though.

Rafa Nadal is fresh from a win on his favourite clay court service at the French Open and this should mean that he will be full of confidence. He has proved in the past that he also has a great game on grass and with less injury concerns this year, he could also be a big threat.

Novak Djokovic tends to keep himself quiet and there have been no new coaches or injury rumours for him. However, he is recovering from losing against Nadal in the French Open final and he has had no match practice on grass, instead choosing to take a holiday. He will be a father soon and so he may be distracted in the future so he really needs to concentrate hard this year.

One of these four men will each have to win five matches if they want to get through to the semi-finals and they have some interesting competition. There are ex-champions playing, players that have great grass games and ones that have done well at Wimbledon in the past. It is hard to predict who might be lifting the trophy by the end of next week, but it is fun to give it some thought and maybe even have a bet on it.