Benefits of Tennis on Old Age

Being physically active throughout life is important in maintaining your overall health, especially as we get older. Taking up a sport and staying fit reduces your risk of both heart disease and diabetes, can help keep your weight under control, strengthen your bones and been known to have a positive effect on mental health across all ages. Keeping active is an easy way to alleviate mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress.

Sports like Tennis increase positive mood enhancers in the brain and have been known to reduce feelings of physical and mental fatigue. Not only does this positively change your body, but can also help you feel less lethargic and low in life. Of course, tennis is a difficult sport to play alone, so the social aspect of tennis can also help you socialize with new people and make friends, which can be uplifting.

Even at amateur level, tennis is a fast spaced sport, requiring plenty of snap decisions, quick movements and lighting fast reflexes. At all times, you need to consider your body movements, the direction of the ball and even your opponent’s movements. If this is kept up regularly, it will help keep you sharp throughout the years and help you make quicker, snappier decisions under pressure.

Although the general vibe at a pro tennis match often seems rather relaxed in comparison to say a football or rugby game, the speed, power and intensity required to play is often underappreciated. The average serve speed for pro tennis players is around the 140mphmark, and even at lower tier levels, the power and speed required is still intense. This helps build strength, overall muscular development and join strength, without having to resort to things like dumbbells or free weights if that’s not your scene!

If you’re looking for an easy sport to take part in to get fit, healthy and active, tennis is perfect with hundreds of clubs across the UK, and millions of players of all levels across the globe.

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