Three Tips To Nail A Fast Serve

#1. Relax. Go to your happy place, think about being on the beach with a cocktail! In fact do whatever except “Trying to hit the fastest tennis serve.” It will tense too many muscles which impedes the swing speed. Don’t believe me? Try snapping your wrist as hard as you can, tense your muscles and […]

The Lob

Definition The stroke which sends the ball above the head of the net player. A high lofted ball which goes higher than the reach of the net player to land near the baseline. Uses The lob is an underestimated stroke used ineffectively by the majority of players. Matches could often be won by effective lobbing […]

The Volley

Definition The stroke used by a player at the net in which the ball is hit before it bounces. The volley is an aggressive hit which wins the point quickly because the opponent lacks time to return it accurately out of reach of the net player. Types Of Volley 1. Concerning momentum a. Aggressive volley. […]


Definition “Footwork is the adjustment of the feet to place the body in position for activity.” Good footwork in tennis may be thought of as the action of the feet in placing the body in position to stroke the ball most efficiently. Importance Of Footwork In tennis the ball never comes in the same direction, […]

The Serve

Definition The stroke used to put the ball in play before each point of the game. Purpose To put the ball in play in such a way that the opponent will have difficulty returning the service. To achieve this the serve should have: 1. Placement It should not only land deep in the service court […]

The Backhand Drive

Definition The stroke used to return balls which bounce to the left (non-racquet’s) side of the body. Like the forehand drive, it consists of a horizontal swing which imparts some top spin to the ball, and sends the ball forward swiftly to land near the baseline. Note – This stroke should be just as easy […]

The Forehand Drive

Introduction – The Courtesy Stroke As an introduction to the forehand drive, the courtesy stroke should be learned. This stroke is a forehand volley with a half swing, used to start the ball for a rally or to get it back to the opponent before service. It allows the player on the opposite court either […]

Step-By-Step Learning In Tennis

Tennis is easy to learn if you have a baseball background. The forehand and backhand drives are similar to batting; the serve involves the same muscular action as an over-arm throw. Of course the tennis drives do not aim to be homeruns, but neither do all baseball hits. Ability to control the base-hit, grounder, and […]

Is Murray back?

The year 2014 has not been kind to Andy Murray, not kind at all. After a whirlwind two years between 2012-13; Murray won gold at the 2012 Olympics, his first Grand Slam at the 2012 US Open and of course, the 2013 Wimbledon Championship. Murray was at his zenith, he had become the first Brit […]

Good Form In Tennis

Good form in tennis, as in swimming, golf, or other sports activities, is a variable quality which defies definition. It appears in various shapes according to the personality and physique of the individual player. The terms that apply to good form tennis stroke production are ease, rhythm, balance, efficiency, power. ACCURACY and SPEED are essential […]