Here’s 5 quick Tennis terms You should know

The smart handicapper is one that can evolve past pre-determined sports picks. We’re not trying to pick on anyone, and we recommend sports picks all the time. But if you want to increase your handicapping skills, you have to know more about the sport that you’re trying to play. In our opinion, this brings us right back to the jargon of tennis, the vocabulary that we use to describe the game. The more you dig into the past performance of a player or even a set of players that you’re really interested in, the more important that it will be to know this type of information.  Without further delay, the list of terms is displayed below.

1. Rally

When you hear the sports commentator say “rally”, you know that you’re in for a real treat. This is where there is a very long series of shots. It could be a 22 shot rally, or even just a 7 shot rally. But it’s exciting because the players are literally battling to see who will miss that shot.

Tennis terms

2. Set

Understanding what a set is will help you when you go to place your bets. While the match is the whole tennis game, a set can be seen like a slice of that game. A set is played best out of six, and you have to win three sets to win the match. Sometimes it’s also five sets.

3. Fault

Faults really eat away at a player’s ability to score. It’s simply a missed serve, but if you double fault you lose the point and the other person gets a chance to serve. If one tennis player double faults against a seriously good server, it can change the nature of the game.

4. Game Point

This is where the heat really kicks up about a thousand degrees, turning a tame match into a blazing inferno. The game point is what ends the game if the person out in front wins the point. It’s when people can make silly mistakes that end up costing them their game. As good as Serena Williams is, she’s made many a mistake in this critical moment.

5. Lob

Players that lob shots are aggressive, and handicappers should embrace aggressive players. This is a shot that swings up high in the air, often going over a player’s head completely.

Now that you’ve got the terms down, do you have a place to put down all of your tennis wagers? If you don’t, now is the time to find the right sportsbook to play at. We’ve discussed this in the past, so check through our archives and see what we recommend for a sportsbook. Have fun and happy punting!