How to place a Sure Bet on a Tennis Match

Obviously there is no such thing as a sure bet, but it is possible to predict quite easily who may win some tennis matches. For example, the Wimbledon final this year was between Andy Murray, a past champion who was playing in his third Wimbledon final and had the home crowd advantage and Raonic who had never even reached a semi-final at Wimbledon before, was ranked lower and had been beaten by Murray on grass at a final a few weeks before. This means that betting on Murray would be what most people would do if they were betting on the outcome of that match. However, to get a better return on your bet, you can place a bet at the beginning of the championships. It is then far harder to know who might win. You would probably have been tempted, before Wimbledon started to bet on Djokovic who was the number one in the world and had a great record, but he got knocked out in one of the early rounds, something no one predicted. Therefore meaning that it was far harder before the contest to predict the winner, than it was to predict the winner of each match.

rio 2016 tennis

The next big tennis contests coming up are the US Open and the Olympics in Rio, both taking place this summer. Many people will be wanting to place a bet on these events. The Olympics is probably easier to predict than the US Open for a number of reasons. In the Olympics countries can only send two male and two female players which means that there will be less people taking part. There have also been several players dropping out due to the Zika virus risks which means that there are even less players to choose from. Anyone wanting to place a bet will need to wait until the final player list has been confirmed as some countries are still planning their teams.

Placing a bet is so easy, even if you have not placed a bet before. There are many online places where you can do this such as m88 sport. You just have to register and then you can put some money into your account and use it to place bets. You can choose whether to bet early and choose who you think may win the Olympic tennis before the contest starts or wait to see the draw and find out who plays who or you may decide to place a bet on specific matches where you think that you will be more easily able to predict the outcome. It all depends on how much risk you are willing to take as if a match is easy to predict, then the odds will be set so that you do not get a good return on your bet, but if it is harder to predict you are likely to get more money if you win. This means that the higher the risk you are willing to take when you bet, the higher the return that you are likely to get on your bet.