Is tennis a top sport now?

Tennis has always been a popular sport to speak about when it comes to what sports are the most popular ones, tennis has always been up for debate with the fan base set to be quite limited when you compare it to sports such as football or rugby for example. Tennis has become more popular over recent years with there being more tournaments and matches taking place than usual. Tennis has become more watched recently due to the pandemic causing people to watch tv more which led to tennis matches becoming a very popular thing to watch whilst being at home.

Tennis is now being classed as a top sport with a lot of TV deals and other major companies wanting to sponsor certain players or events. A lot of online industries are now looking to sponsor tennis tournaments due to the sport now being so popular, the gambling industry has also started to include tennis betting markets to their platforms for people to place bets on their favourite players and you can do this at curacao casino sites who are starting to sponsor a lot of the up and coming tournaments and players.

Due to the recent interest of other industries looking to help boost tennis even more the sport has grown amongst a lot of people with younger tennis fans looking to take up the sport as a new activity. Tennis needs some more up and coming players due to the superstars starting to age now so the next generation is now looking to take part in the future of tennis. The lockdowns and COVID helped tennis by encouraging more people to watch the tournaments that were aired on tv during the lockdown periods.

Lockdowns have now been lifted around the world so tennis can once again resume with next year’s tournaments already being planned to top the previous ones that have taken place. The past year has helped tennis to grow by large amounts with some amazing tournaments being played around the world, it was great to see Wimbledon back again due to previous ones being limited because of COVID. Next year’s Wimbledon already looks to have some amazing tennis stars taking part in it and not to mention the number of new sponsorship deals that are looking to take part. Tennis has become a top sport over the past two seasons with more people now making sure to watch it and keep up to date with tennis news about players and coaches.